"I must say it was an absolutely beautiful wedding celebration, perfect to the letter in my opinion. I have never seen my daughter so happy. I believe the day was exactly what both Sydne and Chris wanted and I did feel like a 'guest at my own wedding' so everyone got their wish! Surely, I appreciate how much help you were and am convinced I was meant to meet you that day at the Wedding Fair. I couldn't have done the whole thing without you!"

Your Raving Fan, Ann

"On a scale of 1-5, I give Magical Memories a 10!"

Karen and Jeff, Parents of the Groom

"It was a beautiful wedding and it was more enjoyable for Mary and me because of your good work. We didn’t have to worry about all the nitty-gritty details. We appreciate your attention to details but also your flexibility when times needed to be adjusted. Thank you."

John and Mary, Parents of the Bride

"This day sounds so great and wonderful! I didn’t even think about so many of these things until I started looking at the schedule that you have put together! My mind has gone completely to mush! Thank goodness for you!!!"

Lissa and Jade   

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and enthusiasm in helping us plan our wedding. We received many compliments on how smoothly the day went. Everyone LOVED the “guest boxes!” Thank you for everything!"

Robyn and Marc  

"Magical Memories allowed me to have a Great Wedding! The highlight was that it went so well, I had so much fun and didn’t have to be concerned with anything because Marsha anticipated every single detail. I really appreciated her responsiveness throughout the process as she always got back to me immediately and I REALLY appreciated that. She was EXTREMELY easy to work with. Thank YOU Sooooo much! Without your help, our wedding would not have been nearly as great!"


"The best decision I made in planning Jenn’s wedding was to bring you in for the rehearsal and wedding day. Even though it was a small affair, the management of detail and timelines was as overwhelming as a large wedding in a hall. In a venue in which weddings are routinely held, space and previous experiences dictate one’s direction. In one’s home, however, a formal event requires far more creativity and illusion. Where, for instance, do guests go when the ceremony space is being transformed into a reception room? You were such a help in sorting out the kinks, so patient and kind in smoothing ruffled feathers and proving that you are, indeed, unflappable! My sister, my niece, my family were all so impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. We were able to enjoy the event without fussing around and it all went smoothly without a hiccup! YOU were a tremendous help in making that all come together. “Grateful” doesn’t cover it. It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you!"


"Thank you so much for guiding us through the thicket of wedding plans. It was a beautiful event, and we appreciate all your effort and skill in making that happen!"

M & M        

"Magical Memories staff was organized, fun, upbeat, flexible, and professional throughout the 14-hour day. Whatever was needed, Magical Memories knew how to make it happen the way we wanted.  We were so pleased with how everything turned out from start to finish, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend their services for your wedding or event! Thank you for making all of this come together. We just simply couldn't have done without you planning our wedding day! Josh and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being such a rock star! Everything was absolutely perfect and seamless because of you. We love you!"

Robyn and Josh

"Thank you for all of your hard work, love, and support. Everything went so smoothly — we can't thank you enough. Andrew and I couldn't have imagined a more perfect wedding."

Dorey and Andrew, NYC   

"Marsha's attention to detail, commitment to client service, skill, knowledge, and experience all conspire to make it effortless for us to deliver our entertainment at the highest level. The band leader requested that I pass on another appreciation for all that you do--he wishes he had you every weekend! I too, appreciate your responsiveness and problem-solving in the planning stage, so that the wedding itself can run smoothly. For us as performers, at the event, it is really nice to to be able to relax more, and thus, perform better, without unanticipated issues complicating our performance."

Michael Kearney  

"It was a pleasure to work with you. I see that you are very organized and thorough, which makes it easier for us to provide good service."

Carol Simnioniw, City View Limo, Inc.

"Our thanks go to you for all you did to make our jobs easier. The wedding was beautiful due to your hard work and kindness. You are truly a pleasure to work with."

COO of Minneapolis Synagogue